Below are some of the most frequently asked questions by those considering professional moving services:

“How much does it cost to use Allstar Movers”

Allstar Movers offers competitive and fair prices to meet each individual customer’s relocation needs.  We simply do not believe in the “one size fits all” approach to moving service.  Personalized service better fits our customer’s needs and is always more cost effective.  Allstar offers both hourly rates and “guaranteed” prices. All prices are based on service location(s) and service date. Guaranteed price quotes also take into account load/unload distance and if there are any stairs involved. For further information regarding “guaranteed” prices simply give us a call and speak to a relocation specialist.

“When is the most cost effective time for me to move?”

Excluding holidays, the most economical time to move is Sunday through Thursday in the middle of the month.

“Is it cheaper for me to rent a truck and move myself?”

When all of the associated costs to move yourself are taken into account it costs very little extra to use Allstar and if you place a value on your time it is actually less expensive to use Allstar. Please see our special price comparison page titled: “Rental Truck vs. Allstar Movers Cost Comparison.”

“Is it cheaper for me to schedule service through a broker?”

No, please remember that moving brokers charge the moving companies for the customer leads. This cost is passed along to you the customer. There is no benefit to using a middleman company when you can deal directly with the service provider.

“I have been quoted some very low hourly rates, why are Allstar’s rates slightly higher and is the price difference worth it?”

Most companies who offer extremely low rates will not provide you with general liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverage to protect you.  They will not offer a legal option for additional insurance for your items. Also, some of these companies do not utilize full time professional movers or specialized transport conveyances and equipment. Many of these companies schedule every customer that they can and then pick and choose which jobs are the easiest and most profitable when they prepare their routing. Consequently, movers never arrive for some of the customers who believe that they were scheduled for service. Almost every day we perform “same day service” for customers who have been “no showed” by one of the cut-rate companies.  A major low rate scam is to pile on the add-on charges at the end of service that can amount to hundreds of dollars.  The old adage that; “the cheapest service is not the best and the best service is not the cheapest” holds very true in the moving industry. Allstar’s on time arrival rate exceeds 98% and in 18 years of business we have never failed to arrive for a scheduled customer’s job! We are extremely proud of this record and we take our obligation to our customers very seriously. For further information please see the pages titled: “How to select a moving company,” “Protect yourself” and “Unrealistically Low Rates Will Cost You in the End.”