Answers to some of the more questions clients have when hiring a professional moving service.

“Can you pack and unpack for me?”

Yes we offer packing and unpacking service. If you schedule packing and/or unpacking service with us we also can provide boxes, packing materials, wardrobe boxes and all other specialty packaging for your items. Please remember that for medium to large homes, apartments and offices if you require packing, you should plan to have that service at least one day prior to your moving service.

“Can the movers disassemble and reassemble some of my furniture items?”

Yes, we can disassemble certain items prior to moving the item and then reassemble them for you. The most common items include headboards and footboards from beds, mirrors that are attached to dressers, multi piece desks, etc. We can provide disassembly and reassembly service for most household and office furniture items. Please contact us concerning your requirements. There is no extra charge for removing the mattress and box spring from standard bed frames and then setting up the bed at your new location. Please advise us of your disassembly and reassembly requirements when you obtain your quote from us.

“How will you move my clothes?”

We move clothes in two ways. First is what is called “clothes per foot.” For this procedure, we wrap a quantity of your hanging clothes in large sheets that we provide. We also rent or sell wardrobe boxes for transport of hanging clothes. Folded clothes from armoires should be boxed in standard moving boxes. If you choose not to leave clothing items in dressers and chest of drawers you should place them in standard moving boxes.

“Will the movers place my furniture where I want it at my new location?”

Yes, when the movers bring each furniture item in from the vehicle they will place the items exactly where you ask them. The movers will also place all of your boxes in the designated room that is marked on the box or where you direct them.

“What kind of vehicles and equipment do you use?”

We utilize a fleet of 17 custom built enclosed moving trailers ranging in length from 14’ to 40’. Our trailers were built with dimensions specifically suited to the moving service industry. The 8’x 8’ back door ramp is at curb height allowing for much faster loading and unloading. The interior walls are fully carpeted to add additional protection for your items. All of our trucks and trailers are fully stocked with all of the equipment to safely move your items, including two and four wheel furniture dollys, appliance dollys, moving pads, e-track straps, ratchet straps, bungees, specialty moving rubber bands and other required items and tools. For moving of specialty items we utilize item specific equipment such as safe dollys, large appliance dollys and pallet jacks. We can also provide floor and carpet protectors, stretch wrap, storage pads and other specialty items. Please discuss your requirements with your relocation specialist.

“I have items at my current residence and some other items at a storage facility, can you stop and pickup my items at the storage facility?”

Yes, we can make one or more additional stops to either pick up or drop off items for you in between your initial location and your final location. Please just let us know your requirements when you obtain your quote from us.

“I am having new carpet installed in some rooms of my house and need some of the furniture moved around. Can you do this?”

Yes, we call this furniture rearranging. We will come out and move the furniture to a designated area and then return to replace your furniture when your contractor is finished.

“How much are you supposed to tip the packers and/or movers?”

As with any service business tipping is at the customer’s sole discretion. If you are pleased with the service that you receive you may want to consider tipping based upon the same percentage that you would for good service in a restaurant.