One thing that we constantly hear when moving our clients is that most make one of the following comments about various items and/or boxes that we are moving for them: “I’m going to give that away after I move,” “I haven’t used that in years,” or “I don’t know why I am even moving that stuff.”

Moving items or boxes of things that you have little or no use for not only costs you unnecessary money but causes the grief of figuring out where to put those unused or unwanted things in your new residence. As early as possible start culling out the unwanted and unused items and clothing. Systematically go through each room and your garage and pull items and clothing that you have no use for or simply do not want any more. If you spouse and kids will help cull in their respective areas the job will go quickly. The old rule – “if you have not used something in the last 12 months you probably don’t really need it” may or may not work for you. I tried that once only to find myself at the Home Depot several times during several months after my move.

Realistically just decide what you need and what you want to keep. After your culling project is completed contact one of the many organizations that accept donations of household goods, furniture items, exercise equipment and clothing. Many of the organizations offer free pick-up and will provide you with a tax deductible receipt. Here are a few organizations to contact concerning the items and clothing that you wish to dispose of: The Salvation Army, The St. Vincent De Paul Society, on behalf . org  (benefits wounded veterans), Domestic Violence Center, Big Brothers – Big Sisters