The following items are required to secure your plates, flat China and saucers for moving:

• Blank newsprint paper (packing paper), bubble or foam wrap, styrofoam peanuts.
• Dish pack carton (5.2 cubic feet heavy wall)
• 2” Packing tape

1. Prepare a box and place a heavy layer of wadded newsprint paper or peanuts in the bottom of the box for a cushion.

2. Wrap each plate with bubble wrap or foam wrap and then bundle and tape three or four together. Stand the bundle on end in the box. Never lay flat. Take another bundle of same size plates or saucers and place near the other bundle. Fill the voids on the sides with peanuts or newsprint. Use large items for the bottom layer and place a layer of bubble wrap and wadded newsprint or peanuts between each layer for cushioning between the layers.

3. Tape the box closed (double tape bottom seam) and mark “Fragile – China”.