Allstar Movers -vs- Allstar Moving and Storage, Inc.

Allstar Movers has served all of Arizona for 18 years. “Allstar Movers” is a registered trade name.

During its 20 year history Allstar Movers has was a finalist for the 2010 Better Business Bureau Ethics Award and was voted “Best in Phoenix – Moving Service” each year since 2007 by the U.S. Local Business Association.

In 2008, a company using the unregistered alias name “Allways Moving and Storage” started to operate under the names “Allstar Moving and Storage, Inc.,” “Allstar Moving” and “Movers and a Truck.” Until they received our cease and desist demand notice they even illegally used our registered trade name “Allstar Movers” in a clear attempt to mislead potential customers.


On 5/03/2010 the Arizona Attorney General filed fraud charges against Allstar Moving & Storage, Inc., its owner Mohamed Elsayed, Amani Adam and Amru Abdalla, manager for Allstar Moving & Storage who is currently on probation after pleading guilty to facilitated trafficking in stolen property.

On 12/20/2010 Attorney General Terry Goddard announced that Allstar Moving and Storage, Inc. agreed to pay $80,000.00 to settle the fraud suit. Under the settlement, $33,000.00 will pay restitution to eligible consumers, $37,000.00 is civil penalties and $10,000.00 is for investigation costs and attorneys’ fees. The company must also change its advertising practices to disclose additional charges and accurate bonding and insurance status. The state’s suit claimed that Allstar Moving & Storage advertised flat rates but routinely added hundred of dollars in unauthorized charges to invoices. The suit alleged that it misrepresented that its moving crews were experienced when they were not, that they were bonded, which it is not, and it was insured. It also failed to disclose its repair and replacement policy and/or its insurance coverage.

On 12/09/14 Attorney General Tom Horne filed suit again against Allstar Moving and Storage, Inc. which alleges that owner Amru Abdalla and CEO Emad Abdalla engaged in numerous false, misleading, unfair and deceptive acts and practices in violation of the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act and the State’s Consent Judgment of 2010.

Subsequently Abdalla registered his company under the moderately modified name: Allstars Moving and Storage, Inc. and operated a the website:

On 08/13/15 Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced the settlement of a consumer fraud lawsuit against Allstars Movers and Storage Inc. and its owner, Amru Abdalla. The consent judgment prohibits Abdalla from engaging in the moving, packing, and/or storage business for two years.

“My office will not tolerate companies treating consumers unfairly and charging hidden fees,” said Attorney General Mark Brnovich.  “We have made it a priority to hold moving companies like Allstars accountable for their deceptive actions.”

In 2014, the Attorney General’s Office filed a consumer fraud lawsuit against Allstars, its owner, and its principals alleging the Defendants repeatedly violated the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act and a 2010 consent judgment, which the company entered into to resolve a prior lawsuit with the Attorney General’s Office.  Shortly after the 2010 consent judgment, the lawsuit alleges Allstars continued their deceptive business practices by quoting prices to consumers over the telephone and then routinely added significant undisclosed charges to consumers’ invoices.  When consumers refused to pay the undisclosed charges, the movers allegedly refused to unload consumers’ property from their moving trucks and threatened to hold consumers’ property hostage until they received payment. In all, the Attorney General’s Office received 55-consumer complaints against Allstars Movers from 2012 to 2014.

The lawsuit also alleged that Allstars:

  • Added unwarranted fees to its invoices, including fees for work hours not performed, fees for extra movers who never appeared, fees for items Defendants never moved, and fees for mileage in excess of the distance traveled;
  • Falsely advertised that it was licensed, bonded, and/or insured;
  • Provided a sham claims process for damaged, destroyed, and/or lost items, which often made it impossible for consumers to comply with the process and obtain reimbursements.

Allstars operated under several names including Allstar Moving & Storage, Inc., Allways Moving & Storage, Easymoveaz, Allstar Moving and Storage, Allstars Movers, Movers and a Truck, and The Moving and Storage Company.  (The Defendants in this case have no connection to Allstar Movers of Glendale, Arizona.)

The consent judgment requires the Defendants to pay $77,000 as restitution to eligible consumers, assesses $107,765 as civil penalties, which is more than double the civil penalty of the 2010 judgment.  It also requires Amru Abdalla to pay the remaining unpaid amount owed for the 2010 consent judgment, which is $45,234 plus interest.  If Amru Abdalla complies with all of the terms set forth in the judgment, the State will release its claim to $50,000 of the civil penalties and the interest owed on the 2010 consent judgment.

The judgment also prohibits Amru Abdalla from engaging in the moving, packing, and/or storage business for two years and Allstars Director, Shareholder, and Chief Executive Officer, Emad Abdalla from doing the same until November 1, 2015.

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Allstar Moving and Storage, Inc. has operated under at least 15 allies names including:

Allstar Moving and Storage

Allstar Movers

Allstar Movers and Storage

Always Moving and Storage

Allstars Moving and Storage

Allstars Movers

Movers and a Truck

The Moving and Storage Company


The Better Business Bureau has given Allstar Moving and Storage, Inc. an “F” rating after receiving over 180 customer complains within a 36 month period.

The Arizona Department of Transportation, Division of Weights & Measures has responded to numerous complaints that involve unauthorized charges and threats of confiscation of household goods and personal property when customers refuse to pay the unauthorized charges.

Arizona Justice Court records list dozens of cases resulting in awards to previous customers. None of the judgments have been reported as being paid by Allstar Moving & Storage, Inc.

Moving Service: Allstar Movers Allstar Moving & Storage, Inc
Service provided by a registered, licensed and insured company that utilizes full time professional uniformed movers.
Uses rented box trucks.
Uses custom built enclosed moving trailers ranging in size from 14’ to 40’ with faster load, unload and softer ride capability.
Demands customer cash payment only.
Accepts all major credit and debit cards, money orders and cashier’s checks.
Fuel surcharge added to your final billing.
Provides a written confirmation agreement after you schedule service outlining rates and repair policy.
Unauthorized stretch wrap charges added to your final billing.
Provides customers with time specific (2) hour window of arrival.
Moving service tax (not approved by governmental authority) added to your final billing.
“Long walk” load and unload distance charge added to your final billing.
Charges for stairs at pick-up or drop-off location added to your final billing.
Extra charges for moving common furniture like china cabinets and entertainment centers added to your final billing.
May cancel or not show up for your scheduled service.