Moving FAQs

Costs & Savings

“How much does it cost to use Allstar Movers”
Allstar Movers offers competitive and fair prices to meet each individual customer’s relocation needs. Allstar offers both hourly rates and “guaranteed” prices. All prices are based on service location(s) and service date. Guaranteed price quotes also take into account load/unload distance and if there are any stairs involved. For further information regarding “guaranteed” prices simply give us a call and speak to a relocation specialist.
“When is the most cost effective time for me to move?”
Excluding holidays, the most economical time to move is Sunday through Thursday in the middle of the month.
“Is it cheaper for me to rent a truck and move myself?”
When all of the associated costs to move yourself are taken into account it costs very little extra to use Allstar and if you place a value on your time it is actually less expensive to use Allstar. Please see our special price comparison page Here
“Is it cheaper for me to schedule service through a broker?”
No, please remember that moving brokers charge the moving companies for the customer leads. This cost is passed along to you the customer. There is no benefit to using a middleman company when you can deal directly with the service provider.
“Is paying a professional moving company rate worth it?”
Most companies who offer extremely low rates cannot provide you with an equitable repair and replacement policy or additional insurance coverage options. Also, some of these companies do not utilize full time professional movers or specialized transport conveyances and equipment. Many of these companies schedule every customer that they can and then pick and choose which jobs are the easiest and most profitable when they prepare their routing. Consequently, movers never arrive for some of the customers who believe that they were scheduled for service. Almost every day we perform “same day service” for customers who have been “no showed” by one of the cut-rate companies. The old adage that; “the cheapest service is not the best and the best service is not the cheapest” holds very true in the moving industry. Allstar’s on time arrival rate exceeds 98% and in 14 years of business we have never failed to arrive for a scheduled customer’s job! We are extremely proud of this record and we take our obligation to our customers very seriously. For further information please see the section on “How to select a moving company.”

How To Select A Moving Company

If you are in the process of selecting a moving company, here are some points to consider:
Licensed Company

Check with the Arizona Corporation Commission to insure that the company is licensed to conduct business in Arizona. We are listed under Allstar Movers.

Better Business Bureau Member
Is the company a member of the BBB? Check the company’s reliability report. We are listed under Allstar Metro Movers, LLC.
Established, reputable moving companies have effective advertising and marketing programs in place. They do not need to use “brokers.” Brokers are merely “middlemen” who provide customer leads and collect fees from the moving company for those leads. This translates into increased costs for you the customer. Many times when a customer schedules services through a broker the customer does not even know what moving company will be providing the service. Simply put, the best moving companies do not utilize brokers. In this way they can provide good service at reasonable rates. Most importantly, you will know exactly whom you are dealing with and who will arrive at your door to provide service for you.
Customer Service
Are you talking to an experienced relocation specialist, a girl Friday or some guy on a cell phone? This can make the difference between making sure the arrangements and pricing for your move are accurate. This is simple to determine, are you being asked intelligent relevant questions about your furniture items and conditions or are you simply being quoted a low hourly rate?
What is the coverage amount of the company’s general liability policy? Will the company send you documented proof?
Repair / Replacement Policy
Will the company provide (in writing) their repair/replacement policy? Do they offer additional coverage options?
Professional Full-Time Movers
Does the company use only trained full-time professional movers or do they utilize labor pool personnel and/or day laborers? Be assured if you are being offered a hourly rate that seems low you will not receive service from trained professional full-time movers.
Scheduled Time Of Arrival
Will you receive a two (2) hour window of arrival for the movers or a simple: “we’ll be there sometime in the morning.”
Written Service Confirmation
Will you receive a written confirmation outlining all pertinent information?

What size and type of moving vehicle or conveyance will be used? Box trucks are equipped with electric/hydraulic lift gates or 24” ramps that can take twice as long to load and unload as custom built enclosed trailers with 8’x 8’ back door ramps. Companies using box trucks will cost you extra money! How much cubic cargo space will the vehicle or conveyance being sent for your job have? Are you offered an option? A 20’ custom enclosed trailer built for moving industry use will provide 185 more cubic feet of cargo capacity than a 24’ box truck!

Scheduling Service

“After I get my quote from Allstar when do I need to schedule service?”
As soon as you have decided on a moving date and you are confident that all of the necessary purchase or lease transactions will be concluded to enable you to occupy your new location is a good time to schedule service. Even though we can normally provide service on short or even same day notice, to insure availability we suggest that you schedule service a minimum of two weeks prior to your move date.
“Will I receive notice that my service is scheduled?”
Yes, you will receive a confirmation document that includes the date of your scheduled service, our written repair/replacement policy and a confirmation number. For guaranteed price quote services it will also include an attachment that lists the inventory of items and the conditions of your service that you provided to us. For hourly services the attachment will include the rates and the conditions that you provided to us. In most instances your confirmation will be emailed to you. If you do not have email we can fax or surface mail your confirmation. Once you receive your confirmation it is important that you send us an acknowledgement that you have received it and reviewed all of the information and attachments.
“Will I know what time the packers or movers will arrive?”
Yes, the day before your schedule service we will contact you to let you know the two hour window of arrival. We believe your time is valuable and we know that there is a lot of preparation prior to moving. Unlike a lot of moving companies we believe that providing a time of arrival is very important to our customers.

Preparation For Moving Service


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