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How To Prepare A Refrigerator Or Freezer For Moving

If you are planning on having a refrigerator or freezer moved it will likely be one of the last items you prepare prior to your move day. Changing temperatures, lack of airflow and transport movement can adversely affect your fridge or freezer during the move. Proper...

Should Your Movers Charge You For Using Stretch Wrap?

Many moving companies charge customers for utilizing stretch wrap. Actually, stretch wrap is the number one customer upcharge employed by moving companies.  Stretch wrap charges can range from $30 to $120 based upon the number of rolls that the movers use.  In...

Selecting A Good Moving Company

TIPS FOR SELECTING A GOOD MOVING COMPANY To insure that you are selecting a good moving company, here are some things to consider: Established Company: Check internet reviews on Google Local Business. This will give you a good indication as to who the established...

How To Select Boxes For Your Move

Selecting boxes for your move does require a few considerations to insure that your items are moved without damage due to box failure.

Overloading boxes can result in a crushed or busted box resulting in damage to the contents. To determine if the boxes that you are choosing will suit your use look for the manufacturer’s stamp. The circular stamp found on one of the flaps will contain gross weight, minimum edge crush ratings and possibly bursting more

The Moving Insurance Myth

The Moving Insurance Myth

The standard no cost moving coverage provided by intrastate moving companies is a diminished value reimbursement based upon $0.60 per pound of the damaged item or part thereof. In Arizona, as in most states, moving companies cannot legally sell insurance or additional insurance coverage simply because they are not licensed insurance broker or underwriters. read more

Packing Tips

Packing Tips

Gather all materials and supplies that you will need before you begin – boxes, tape and packing materials. This will save time and help you to stay more


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