Allstar Movers – Moving Tips

Get Ready – Don’t Panic !

One thing that we constantly hear when moving our clients is that most make one of the following comments about various items and/or boxes that we are moving for them: “I’m going to give that away after I move,” “I haven’t used that in years,” or “I don’t know why I am even moving that stuff.”read more

General Service Questions

Answers to some of the more common questions clients have when hiring a professional moving service. “Can you pack and unpack for me?” Yes we offer packing and unpacking service. If you schedule packing and/or unpacking service with us we also can … read more

Preparing for Your Move

Below are a few helpful tips to help you stay organized while preparing for your move. Please leave a clear walkway in all rooms and hallways large enough for the moving of furniture items. Label the front of the boxes with the room name that you would like the movers to place them at your new location … read more

Scheduling Moving Service

Below are a few tips on scheduling moving services to help you ensure that the process goes smooth and worry free. How soon after receiving a quote from Allstar Movers should you schedule service: As soon as you have decided on a moving date and you … read more

Allstar Movers Cost Comparison

Using Allstar Movers professional services may be cheaper than you think. View our price comparison of professional moving service rates vs. the typical associated costs of moving on your own. PROSPECTIVE COST TO MOVE YOURSELF (in one day) … read more

Protect yourself!

Unfortunately, the moving industry has its share of dishonest businesses. Avoid becoming a victim by using only established, licensed, and insured moving companies like Allstar Movers to protect yourself from one of the many common scams … read more

Costs and Savings

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions by those considering professional moving services: “How much does it cost to use Allstar Movers” Allstar Movers offers competitive and fair prices to meet each individual customer’s relocation needs … read more


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