To insure that you are selecting a good moving company, here are some things to consider:

Established Company: Check internet reviews on Google Local Business. This will give you a good indication as to who the established companies are. A guy with a truck and a cell phone who is unlicensed and uninsured may not have a website or reviews but may advertise low, low prices on Craigslist.

Licensed Company: Check the Arizona Corporation Commission web site to insure that the company is licensed to conduct business in Arizona. (We are listed under Allstar Movers). This will insure that you are not dealing with a shell company, a guy operating out of his garage with a cell phone or a company that changes names regularly. Dealing with an unlicensed entity may prevent locating them if you have unresolved issues requiring governmental agency intervention. All interstate and intrastate moving companies are required to be registered with USDOT. Registered companies will have a USDOT registration number. Our USDOT number is 2048759.

Brokers:  Reputable moving companies that are well established have effective advertising and marketing programs in place. They do not need to use “brokers.” Brokers are merely “middlemen” who provide customer leads and collect fees from the moving company for those leads. This translates into increased costs for the customer. Often when a customer schedules services through a broker the customer does not even know what moving company will actually be providing the service. Simply put, the best moving companies do not utilize brokers so they can provide good service at reasonable rates. Most importantly, you will know exactly whom you are dealing with and who will arrive at your door to provide service for you.

Customer Service: When you call a moving company are you talking to an experienced relocation specialist, a girl Friday or some guy on a cell phone? This can make the difference between being sure the arrangements for your move are accurate. This is easy to determine, are you being asked intelligent relevant questions about your items, furniture, conditions and the logistics relative to your required service?

Insurance:  What is the coverage provided in the company’s general liability policy? Will the company send you documented proof if requested? The minimum general liability coverage should not be less than $2 million.

Repair/Replacement Policy:  Will the company provide you with their repair/replacement policy (in writing)? Is it based upon the industry standard or is it less? Do they offer alternative additional coverage? Moving companies are not legally permitted to sell additional insurance in most states including Arizona.

Professional Full-Time Movers:  Does the company you are receiving a quote from use only trained full-time professional movers or do they utilize labor pool personnel and/or day laborers? If the hourly rates are low, rest assured you will not receive professional movers.

Guaranteed price quote -or- hourly rate service:  An hourly rate job is just what the title implies. There is usually a 2 to 3 hour minimum + a one time dispatch fee and sometimes a fuel surcharge.  Some companies will tell you how much time they think the service will take but that does not mean that they have guaranteed the amount of time or the cost. One company currently charges a fuel surcharge based upon 19% of the total bill!  Be certain that you understand how you will be billed for labor and any additional charges.  Some companies do not disclose all additional charges but add them on when job has been completed and it is time to collect payment.  A guaranteed price quote is based upon the list of items that you indicate you would like moved, the date of service and the details of your pick-up, drop-off and any additional stops that you may require. With a guaranteed price quote the price does not change regardless of the length of time. However, the price will change is if you request additional items be moved or request additional service.

Scheduled Time of Arrival: Will you receive a two (2) hour window of arrival for the movers or a simple: “We’ll be there in the morning.” Your time is valuable and you should not have to wait all day because you are unsure when your moving crew will arrive.

Written Confirmation:  Will you receive a written confirmation, prior to your service date, outlining the associated service costs and all of the assurances that the company gave when you spoke with them over the telephone?

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