Phoenix, AZ
May 29, 2019

Read an article the other day about “All-Star” movers and was reminded of how the movers hired from your company warned me about them. That was about five or more years ago and man were they right! I’ve used your company 3 times now and have always been pleased with the work and the price. Each time I gave the movers an unsolicited tip to show my satisfaction. You may recall my last move, first week of August, when I was making the most stressful house purchase I’ve ever made and hope to never repeat. It was hell!!  We had three moving dates and changed from a small trailer to a large one and finally a small one again. You could have added to my stress and made things worse but you didn’t. You remained flexible and accommodating during this extremely stressful time. My crazy seller tried to back out on two closing dates and after a week delay from the second closing date, we moved. I’ve bought and sold a number of houses during my life but this one was a nightmare. As I look back on this ordeal, I remain thankful for you, your company and the good movers provided. You’ve earned my future business and referrals. Thanks again!


Keith R.